Lamm's Insurance Agency was established April 1, 1990.  We are located in a rural setting in West Central Ohio.  Lamm's is an Independent Agency, licensed in two states, Ohio and Indiana.  Representing several different companies, all supporting the agency; we offer all personal lines of insurance including Home - Auto - Business and Life.  We offer, specialize, and understand Farm Insurance.  Lamm's takes great pride in offering our clients comprehensive coverage with competitive rates, and prompt claims service. 

Lamm's Insurance Agency was formed on April 1, 1990.  The agency was purchased from Henry Drees.  Henry was the agent/owner of the Henry Drees Insurance Agency.  Henry had purchased his agency from his father-in-law, Mr. John Post, many years prior.

Tom Lamm purchased the agency from Henry in 1990.  Tom was the sole employee at the time of purchase although Henry acted as his tutor for the first year.

The first location of Lamm's Insurance was 6420 State Route 119, Maria Stein, Ohio.  This location was rented space from Marion Mutual Insurance Association.  In the first years, Tom had one desk and several filing cabinets, one phone and no computers.  As a matter of fact, Marion Mutual used the same desk for some of their meetings.  Due to growth after 18 years, it became apparent that both Marion Mutual Insurance and Lamm's Insurance Agency needed more elbow room.  This began the search in Marion Township for a place to rent or to build a building for the agency.  Land was located in downtown Maria Stein.  Ground was broken in May of 2009 and in October 2009, Lamm's Insurance Agency moved to its present location at 8085 State Route 119, Maria Stein, OH.

It soon became apparent additional personnel would be needed due to the continuing growth of the agency.  The first secretary of the agency was Jani Lamm.  Jani worked for the agency for about one year.  Her replacement was Joyce Moeller.  Joyce started as a secretary but soon became an additional agent for Lamm's Insurance Agency until she moved on to pursue another career in 2008.  In 1996, Jerome Borchers was added as an agent to the agency.  Jerome continues representing the agency as an agent in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Again, due to continuing growth, additional personnel were needed.  In 1998, Tracy Mescher was added to the agency as a secretary/agent, followed by Erin Huelsman in 2004, Sue Ahrens in 2006, Chris Sorensen in 2010, Tom's son Ryan Lamm in 2011, and most recently Brad 'Pac-Man' Knapke in 2019. In July of 2019, Ryan Lamm became co-owner in the agency.  All of the employees are licensed agents representing Lamm's Insurance Agency.  All are still employed in some capacity and continue to represent Lamm's Insurance Agency.